Welcome to Deschênes, the best village in the world !

Deschênes is deeply rooted in the natural environment and the history of the Outaouais.  Looking out over one of the few remaining undeveloped rapids on the Ottawa River, and set in green spaces maintained in their natural state, our neighbourhood is surrounded by a diversity of habitats and of plant and animal species.

A resting and meeting place on the “Great River of Trade” for the First Nations and first European explorers, Deschênes was the site of a series of industrial developments based on the power of the rapids from the middle of the 19th century to the 1920s.  Incorporated as a village in 1920, Deschênes experienced both residential development and establishment of a vacation community.  The neighbourhood is presently characterised by a variety of residences and of small businesses.

For more details on our history see the résumé of the history of Deschênes by Michelle Guitard (in French) located here.

Deschênes Centennial

Celebrations of Deschênes’ centennial (the village was incorporated in 1920) have been postponed because of the COVID situation.  But, we may have some small celebrations in 2020.  See details here.

Save the Deschênes Forest !

The City Council voted on July 7 to stop the sale of a parcel of land at the corner of Fraser Street and Lucerne Boulevard which harbours a heritage forest.  The Association was actively involved in initiatives to ensure the conservation of this forest. A “Save the Fraser-Lucerne Forest” Facebook group has been very active and currently …

Shoreline cleaning chore

When in Dechênes this June, bring your bag and gloves when you go out for a walk along the riverside.  You can pick up broken glass or other waste and bring them back to your home’s trash can. Don’t overdo it, keep it light, fun and frequent. A walk + bag and gloves + trash …

The Association is very grateful to the City of Gatineau for its support for our activities!