Street names

Origins of Street Names in Deschênes

The Deschênes Residents’ Association (DRA) has installed posters describing the origins of the names of the 22 streets of Deschênes Village.

Texts were developed based on the City of Gatineau’s bank of toponyms, with additions from interviews with residents and results of historical research.  A project team (see below) worked to develop the posters.

“With the need for confinement, the Association has noted an increase in the number of residents walking in the neighbourhood.  The project will help people learn more about our village and encourage active walking”, said the President of the DRA, Howard Powles.

The street name project is also considered a replacement activity following the Association’s decision to postpone the centennial festivities of the village of Deschênes to 2021.  Among other things, similar activities are planned with historical intepretation towers and guided tours highlighting the history and the heritage of Old Deschênes.

We are very grateful to the City of Gatineau and to our City Councillor, Mike Duggan, for their financial support for our activities.

Photo: proud residents of Deschênes showing off some of the posters – Charles Vinet, Howard Powles, Morganne Bernier Gauld, Jasmin Morin, Lynne Rodier, Maxime Gauld

Project Team:

Maxime Gauld (coordination); Jasmin Morin (layout); Lynne Rodier, Howard Powles (research, texts); Claire Allard (editing)